A vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises’ sector is a vital component of a healthy market economy in all countries. However, funding alone often cannot address the challenges facing small and medium-sized enterprises; This is why we provide access to the knowledge companies need to improve their performance and achieve growth.


We believe that successful industrial and commercial businesses always need professional management knowledge in order to grow and remain competitive in a world that has become more open; We have helped during many years of our work to build and develop business models for more than (20) industrial, commercial and service companies in various regions and commercial markets in our region.


Our business model is very simple. We’ve developed it throughout years of working with many companies in various business sectors, including (textile - tailoring - services - pharmaceutical industries - food industries - shoes) and in many work environments in the Middle East and Turkey. The process starts with a free initial visit and evaluation of the current situation of the company, and ends with the project of development and improving working conditions, where we rely on a unique and distinctive business model that we’ve developed, tried, applied, and tested its effectiveness and simplicity (user-friendly). One year after completing our client empowerment project, we measure changes in the business performance; Then the customer can see cost savings in production and waste minimization, in addition to the increase in sales and profit margin at the same time.


Business Empowerment: We provide access to management/administrative knowledge which companies need to improve their performance and achieve growth.

What we offer:

The importance of searching for new markets locally or internationally for your company is one of the most important factors for the success and expansion of your business. Therefore, we help you by reviewing all aspects of your project, from production and pricing policies, to sales and marketing. We work to find the true balance between internal and external sales in the right proportions, in addition to helping you search for missed marketing opportunities, which could create more sales and expand the market share of your company.


E-commerce, is it available? How can you invest in it? Today we are experiencing a technological boom and the digital transformation of our business, and it has become necessary for every company to create the necessary infrastructure in order to be able to establish its electronic commerce! But the process is not as simple as you think! Or it is not like how some platforms are marketing it! You still need marketing and technical consultation in order to be able to establish the marketing process in a more professional way, and to guarantee the results of investing in opening electronic stores for your business.

We offer help in reaching new markets:

If you want to succeed more, we know how to do that!

Small and medium enterprises represent 90% of the total number of companies around the world, and 95% of the total number of companies in Turkey; Hence, this is why it is important to empower small and medium-sized enterprises that are the bigger contributors in creating employment opportunities, and adding greater financial value to local economies. However, these companies face more financing/funding obstacles than large companies. They enjoy fewer financing opportunities to obtain funding and support from banks or government agencies that support the business sector. What ‘Tatwir’ does is help company owners build their credit files for their companies, facilitate their access to various banking services, in addition to helping them understand the supportive investment environment in Turkey, and assisting them in obtaining support and grants provided by programs supported by government bodies, or benefiting from available aid programs.

Building the company's credit file:

We help improve financing opportunities for SMEs and entrepreneurs.