About us

“Tatwir” is an innovative business model for providing consulting services - taking advantage of today's digital transformation and the development of the knowledge economy (or knowledge-based economy).


"Tatwir” works in the field of preparing, designing and empowering companies' systems, in addition to providing economic studies and consultations, and representing Arab and foreign companies and agencies inside and outside Turkey.


Empowering businesses, in order to create inspiring and sustainable success stories for future generations.


Creating future business models for successful projects, through providing access to management knowledge, in order to improve their performance and growth.


At "Tatwir", we believe in the necessity of supporting businesses that are rooted in originality, values, commercial principles and work ethics, and thus directing these values to be ​​in line with sustainable global values, as they will be necessary to achieve the desired change. For ‘Tatwir’, we believe that the values ​​and principles listed below will help conduct business and build markets around the world in a fair and sustainable manner.


1. Decent work for everyone.

2. Fostering / Promoting innovation.

3. Equal opportunities.

4. Ensuring sustainable production and consumption patterns.

5. Gender equality and empowering women in the economic field.

6. Ensuring access to the right information and knowledge for everyone.